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Flow Runs


Flow Runs
page contains the current status of different flow runs that have been executed. To view historical runs for a given flow, select the flow from the datalist in the header. To download or get more information on an input or output file, click on the file name to navigate to the Files page.


Observing Flow Status

The run status table displayed consists of the following columns:

  • Input File: Input files and input parameters associated with flow run
  • Output File: Output files (if applicable)
  • Run By: Login associated with user that ran the flow
  • Start Time: Timestamp of when flow was initiated
  • Run Duration: HH:MM:SS of flow execution time.
  • Status: Current status for a flow run instance. Possible status values are:
    • Running: Job is in the process of running
    • Success: All nodes have run successfully
    • Failed: At least one node has failed to run successfully
  • Logs: Opens up a modal with logs for each node.

Observing Node Status

Expanding the status box shows a list of nodes with corresponding run statuses indicated by color. Some common values for colors that you will see are:

  • #B22222 Red: failure after retries exhausted
  • #01FF70 Light green: currently running
  • #2ECC40 Dark green: successful run
  • #A9A9A9 Gray: queued; awaiting system resource to commence
  • #FFFF00 Yellow: failure to run on at least 1 try; awaiting retry
  • #9932CC Dark Orchid: skipped prior to completion; this color may indicate a system resource limitation
  • #FFA500 Orange: dependency for node has failed, preventing this node from being run