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Welcome to Ganymede

Ganymede hero image

Ganymede is cloud-based data platform, engineered to streamline the capture and processing of data from lab instruments, ELN/LIMS/analytical applications, and third-party APIs.

Scientists leverage Ganymede to trace data generated from different sources, as it consolidates crucial data into one accessible location and processes it through shared pipelines to ensure reliability and accuracy in data capture and analysis.

Software Engineers, IT, and Bioinformaticians find Ganymede to be a unified, intuitive repository for all their coding needs. It eliminates the need to set up bespoke cloud infrastructure for hosting and executing code.

Executive Leaders benefit from data-driven dashboards, facilitating transparent, informed planning and resource allocation decisions.

Operations Teams can identify organizational inefficiencies, enabling them to effectively streamline processes and address bottlenecks.

A Quick Tour of Ganymede

Acquiring DataProcessing DataObserving DataManual UploadInstrument AgentWeb-Based File WatcherEvent TriggerGanymede Cloud ProcessingInstrument Agent ProcessingData ExplorerFile BrowserDashboardsAnalysis Notebooks

The Ganymede Platform consists of a set of interchangeable components that enable data acquisition, processing, and observation.

Instrument data can be ingested into Ganymede in a variety of ways:

Once captured, Ganymede offers an innovative flow-based programming environment for processing data:

Ganymede sample flow


Ganymede allows users to choose and assemble nodes, each with unique default capabilities. Customization is facilitated through an intuitive interface that provides control over the logical processing performed by each node.

Ganymede notebook


When a flow is executed, Ganymede meticulously tracks details such as the user running the flow, input files, output files, and execution time. These are stored in a centralized location for streamlined tracking and accessiblility.

Ganymede flow execution


Processed data can be browsed...

Ganymede Files


structured data can be queried...

Ganymede Data Explorer


visualized via dashboards...

Dashboard example


or explored via Analysis notebooks...

Analysis notebook

Getting Started

To get started, check out one or more of our Quickstart guides: