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File Browser


page provides access to all of the files uploaded to Ganymede and all files created in Ganymede by Flow Runs for the current environment. Files can be browsed and searched for using various metadata fields, including file name, file type, file size, tags, creation date, file origin and Flows that the file was used in.


Finding files

To search for a file by name, type a query in the search box in the upper left of the page. To filter files by other properties, click the filter icon ( ) next to supported column titles in the table header, select the desired values, and click OK.

Files (filtered)  

Downloading files

To download a file, click the file's name in the File name column.

Linking to files

Click the link icon ( ) next to a file's name in the File name column to copy a link to that file to the clipboard. This link can be shared with other users in the same Ganymede environment. Visiting the link will open the

page filtered to show only the linked file.

Files (copying link)   Files (single-file view)  

For each file, the

page shows the ID of the Flow or Agent that originated the file (Origin) along with the IDs of all Flows and Flow Runs that the file was used in (Usage), as applicable. Click any Flow ID, Agent ID or Flow Run ID to view details for that entity in the
Flow View
, and
Flow Runs
pages, respectively.

Files (usage)  


The "Last refreshed" timestamp in the lower left of the page shows the last time the file browser retrieved an up-to-date list of files from Ganymede storage. Click the

button in the lower left of the page to check for files that have been added since the last retrieval.