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Troubleshooting Flows and Virtualization

This page describes a set of common issues associated with flow development and execution.


Issue: The notebook screen appears blank.

This issue can occur when the notebook is not properly loaded. To resolve this issue, try performing a hard refresh by typing Cmd+Shift+R on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows.

If this does not work, try clearing site cache in Developer Tools.

Flow Execution

Issue: Flow run fails due to a Platform Error. Run logs for the failing node contains "INFO - Data retrieval unsuccessful. Exception class: NotFound"

Ganymede requires the Google Chrome browser for flow execution; and so you may encounter this error when using a different browser.

Issue: The Run button is disabled and greyed out, preventing run execution for an extended period of time (more than 3 minutes).

If the environment status on the

page shows a spinner as shown below:

Environment Status - save in progress

Verify that:

  1. A flow save has triggered a rebuild of the workflow execution system. This occurs when there are updates to the requirements to the environment, which comes from using new nodes in the environment, with package dependencies that did not exist prior to the node being used. Typically, environment rebuilds take around 10 minutes to complete; flows should be runnable once the save is complete.
  2. Flow saves in rapid succession can result in race conditions; typically, the notifications page would show multiple concurrent saves in this case. To clear the condition, modify the editor notebook associated with any flow and save the change to clear this state.

If the environment status says "Deploy Successful" as shown below, but the Run button is still disabled

Environment Status - deploy successful

click on your user name in the upper-right hand corner, navigate to Environment Settings, and verify that your role is either runner, writer, or admin.

If you are still unable to run the flow, please reach out to Ganymede Support.

Flow Development

Issue: I received a 400 status code while saving a notebook.

Error committing file 400 - {“statusCode”: 400, “message”: “Creating a file with this API is prohibited, attempted to create dags/…/}

This error occurs when you try to save a notebook after modifying the name of the respective node in the flow. You can copy and paste your new code into a reopened notebook to save the changes.


Issue: I have the virtualization session open, but am unable to input text into the virtualization session.

Make sure that your mouse cursor is hovering over the virtualization session, and move your mouse slightly on the page.

The source of this issue is a security feature to guard against keyloggers for remote desktop sessions.