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Ganymede SDK

The Ganymede SDK provides a methods for interacting with Ganymede from editor and analysis notebooks.

from ganymede_sdk import Ganymede
  • The Ganymede Class contains methods for listing and retrieving data stored in Ganymede
  • The Benchling Class contains convenience methods for accessing Benchling data
  • Analytical methods and more granular API documentation can be found under the SDK header on the left
  • The AI page contains methods for interacting with Ganymede using natural language
  • Allotrope Schemas contains DataFrame schemas for validating DataFrames against Allotrope schemas

Functions can be introspected by typing ? or ?? before the function name in a notebook cell. For example:

from ganymede_sdk import Ganymede

g = Ganymede()

# shows function signature and docstring
Explore documentation
# shows function signature and source code
Function Signature and Source Code