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Data Explorer


Data Explorer
page offers access to tabular data generated from Ganymede flows or from other sources.

Data Explorer
  • The Explorer pane contains a list of tables in the current environment.

    • There is a search bar to filter the list to tables that contain the given search string.
    • There is an button that lets you create a new table with a name and schema that you specify, using the Table Structure Editor.
  • The rest of the window has various tabs that let you view or modify the selected table.

    • The Fields tab lets you view and edit the table structure (the defined columns of the table, aka schema) and other table metadata, including a description.
    Data Explorer - Fields
    • Fields have a name, a datatype (STRING by default), a flag for whether they are required, and an optional description.

    • You can edit a schema with the Table Structure Editor button. In Edit mode, you can edit the table description, and add fields and change some of the field information.

    • The Preview tab displays the first 10 data rows of the selected table.

    Data Explorer - Preview
    • The Query tab allows you to do SQL queries on the table.
    Data Explorer - Query
    • You specify the query in Query Editor pane, which is preloaded with a default query for the selected table. In the query, table names should be surrounded with backticks. (Why?) Only SELECT statements are allowed.

    • The Results pane shows the result of the query. There is a download button on the top right which will produce a CSV file based on the results.

    • The Flows tab shows Ganymede Flows that are associated with this table. Clicking on the links in the Flow Id column will take you to the appropriate page.

    Data Explorer - Flows