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Node Description

Reads contents of a is_tens file into data lake

The contents of is_tens file are passed to the user-defined function, which return one or more tables for storage in Ganymede data lake.

Node Attributes

  • input_file_is_tens
    • File extension on is_tens file
  • output_table_key
    • Table with associations between files
  • output_table_raw_metadata
    • Table with the raw metadata
  • output_table_dimensions
    • Table with the material dimensions

User-Defined Python

Processes is_tens file (passed to function as BytesIO file-like objects) into data tables stored in data lake


  • is_tens_file : dict[str, BytesIO]
    • is_tens file, indexed by file name
  • ganymede_context : GanymedeContext
    • Ganymede context variable, which stores flow run metadata


NodeReturn Object containing data to store in data lake and/or file storage.