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Node Description

Reads contents of a avi file into data lake

The contents of avi file are passed to the user-defined function, which return one or more tables for storage in Ganymede data lake.

Node Attributes

  • input_file_avi
    • File extension for valid avi files submitted. For example, filling in this attribute with "*.avi" will only allow files with the extension .avi to be uploaded.
  • output_table_results
    • Table to display on Table Head referencing table output from node in Flow Editor
  • output_table_blob_metadata
    • Table to display on Table Head referencing non-tabular data output from node in Flow Editor

User-Defined Python

Processes avi file(s) (passed to function as BytesIO file-like objects) into blobs and data tables stored in the data lake


  • avi_file : dict[str, BytesIO]
    • avi files, indexed by file name
  • df_sql_result : pd.DataFrame | list[pd.DataFrame]
    • Table(s) or list of tables retrieved from user-defined SQL query
  • ganymede_context : GanymedeContext
    • Ganymede context variable, which stores flow run metadata


NodeReturn Object containing data to store in data lake and/or file storage


If a DataFrame is returned, the table name corresponds to the results parameter of the node.

If a dict of dataframes is returned, the keys of the dict are used as table names for the corresponding DataFrames to store. The table with results as its key is displayed on the Flow Editor.